Boulder Realtor Sells Property In Brighton

408070_500.jpgThe home I listed East of Brighton on Gadsden sold recently during a time when the market was uncertain, the location was challenging and the property in and of itself was marketable to a narrow demographic of buyers.

What it took, as always, was the right buyer. Isn’t that what it always comes down to?

One of the unique issues we faced was that the home is way out East, almost 6 miles east of I-76 and Bromley Lane, which is quite a way out past Brighton, CO. With a location like that, out in ‘foreclosure country’ I had my work cut out for me.

We put all our normal strategies and tactics into play, and then some.

Then, just as we hit the market in late August the ‘mortgage crisis’ leans hard on the real estate industry causing most buyers to go into a holding pattern.

As people waited it out, we continued to get showings but no solid offers and at the same time great feedback on the property.

You see, we did a thorough inspection, made all the necessary repairs, I brought in a staging consultant and she did her thing to the place, and then we had professional photography, virtual tours, dedicated website, Showcase listing at and the various other additional things we do to bring SOLID RESULTS to my sellers.

Now, the interesting thing is that my seller first tried selling the property as a FSBO (that’s For Sale By Owner) with a sign in the yard, some home-made fliers, and an occasional Craig’s List posting. It didn’t work.

Throwing a sign in the yard just isn’t enough any more. The sad part is, the house was on the market during some peak times (in the summer months and before the 2007 mortgage crisis hit the nation); and then I got the listing to sell the house. It had been over-priced and now it was stale on the market. Fortunately, no one hardly knew it had been for sale.

Here’s the good part: we got it sold for full market value in about 95 days when most homes in the Brighton area are sitting on the market for an average of 5 to 6 months or more in some cases. In many other cases, sellers are ‘dumping’ homes at below market value. Two comparable homes in particular in this neighborhood sold for almost $100,000 less than my client’s property.

Think that’s a fluke? How about the home in Thornton that we got under contract in less than two weeks and sold and closed in less than 30 days when lots of other homes in the neighborhood still sat on the market unsold.

Hardly serendipitous.

It was absolutely a pleasure to have the opportunity and privilege to help my sellers get through the process and on to the next step in their life and I hope that one day, I’ll have the chance to help you also.


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