Boulder Realtor Attends EcoBroker Conference

Today and tomorrow I’ll be attending the national Green Real Estate conference in Denver. I expect to have an opportunity to enhance the knowledge I’ve already gained through my EcoBroker certification and training that I completed last year. Here’s the highlight about the conference from the EcoBroker folks based in Evergreen, CO.

This year Green Real Estate 2008 will be an energy-filled two-day conference and expo with national speakers, business building tracks to help maximize your utilization of green real estate tools and resources, and a green products expo that will help take your business and community service to the next level.

We’re gathering at the Denver Convention Center and I understand that there will be a huge turnout for this event as people gather from all over the U.S. I’ve already found that the information I’ve learned about green building techniques, environmental issues, and other aspects of my EcoBroker training have helped me assist my friends and clients as they go through the process of buying or selling a home. I’m anxious to learn more!

What makes it all interesting and more personal to me is the founder and head of EcoBroker, John Beldock, is an old high school buddy of mine. He embraced the green building idea way back in the day when hardly anyone thought of this sort of thing. In a time of aluminum wiring, single paned windows and when Studio 54 was in full swing, Beldock had his mind already entrenched on how he could make a difference for the planet and the housing community nationwide.

It’ll be fun and interesting to see what I can add to my knowledge base these next two days. I’m sure that, given Beldock’s commitment to excellence in everything that he does, this will be well worth my time. I plan on bringing many things back to you partly in my blog, and definitely in my day-to-day business of helping people like you.


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