Boulder Real Estate With A Hot Metal Roof?

There’s a national trend that may catch on for Boulder real estate: metal roofing.

With the focus on avoiding asphalt-shingle roofs and their threat to the environment, many renovators and even some home builders are turning to alternatives such as slate, clay tile and even wood shake for the aesthetic appeal as well as the desire to not threaten the environment with asphalt shingle.

Now you won’t see wood shake around here anymore as it’s been deemed a fire hazard for a few years now. And for that matter, not as much clay time, slate or similarly pricey and heavy alternatives. That’s where metal comes in.

Metal’s on the fast track for a number of reasons. Great fire resistance, relative afford ability, long life and these days a popular attachment to style as many people find the metal attractive and trendy. If you come from the East Coast and especially New England, you may associate metal roofs with quaint tool sheds and perhaps even not-so-quaint outlets of the International House of Pancakes. (Are there any of those left any more?)

In 2007, architectural metal roofs in new home construction reached a projected 30% of the market in 2007 nationally. That’s up from 23% in 2004. Locally, we often see metal roofs in the foothills and mountains both in commercial buildings, mountain lodges and private homes as it’s great for shedding snow and holds up well to the high U.V. we experience here.

Metal, an energy-efficient and long-lasting alternative is cost-effective at between $1 and $6 per square foot. Compare that to Slate or clay tile at upwards of $10/sq ft. and both of those can be difficult to install, maintain and may require structural reinforcement.


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