Boulder Real Estate Market Round Up

Interesting Week for the Boulder real estate market. There are still some big adjustments in what’s on the market but one big change I saw was that early in the week, not much new on the market but still 20 homes came up on the list. Only four of them were new homes for sale. The other sixteen homes were price adjustments.

This changed a little bit Thursday as 14 homes hit the alert list and 8 of them were new to the market.

Today another 14 units hit the list but only three of them were new listings.

Overall, the trend seems to be that sellers are trying to respond to the market and find the right price for their home. There’s no tight trend that I can see right now as these homes are all over Boulder and the price adjustments are homes that have been on the market for as little as 8 days and as long as 372 days.

Now, in some cases these homes come up on the alert list because theres a change in status. This can mean a number of things such as a price change but also what we call in the industry a “status” change can mean that the listing agreement expired and became active again…

Hence, the listing at 702 Pine St. It came on the market most recently on October 5th 2006 at $$1,925,000. They lowered the price to $1,825,000 on November 21, 2006 and that was it. It’s been sitting at that price for almost a year. This listing says it’s an amazing opportunity. If it really is, why hasn’t someone snatched it up by now?

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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