Boulder Makes More Money: Boulder Real Estate To Blame

boulder-logo.gifSome people blame a new piece of commercial Boulder real estate for this years sales tax revenue increase.

The Twenty Ninth Street shopping experience has been blasted by many as an underwhelming experience as many shoppers puzzle over who the target market might be for it.

It seems that somebody is shopping there because the Boulder Daily Camera printed an article recently stating that sales tax revenues are up in Boulder with the 1-year old Twenty Ninth Street leading the way.

While almost every area of Boulder is reporting sales revenue up over last year only the Pearl Street Mall is showing a decrease.

Is Downtown Boulder shopping swirling around the drain? Downtown Boulder Inc says ‘no’.

29th-street.jpgAre people finding that the convenient underground FREE parking at Twenty Ninth Street is a nice change from slogging through the snow at Pearl Street after going around and around and around to the top of a parking garage and then paying several dollars to park?

Jane Jenkins of Downtown Boulder Inc told the Camera that the 1% decrease isn’t much of a concern. She attributes the decline in sales tax revenue to some large vacancies on the Pearl Street Mall and says that these spaces are being filled with new tenants. We’re going to see prAna and Patagonia downtown soon.

centurytheatresflag.jpgSources also say that they think that the positive effect of Twenty Ninth Street having the Century Theater open and driving additional traffic to the new shopping district may have drawn some shoppers over to that area and away from Pearl Street and Downtown Boulder. You think it has anything to do with FREE underground parking? maybe.

thumb_laudisiomap.jpgPerhaps Laudisio Restaurant can rest easy now that the Century is open and bringing them the clients they had hoped for.

Funny, I always thought that Laudisio could always stand on it’s own and didn’t need an outside influence to draw clientele.

Overall it could be that consumer spending in Boulder is up due to buyer confidence and a feeling of stability overall.

I’m seeing the Boulder real estate business picking up as more buyers and sellers are taking action and getting busy. Optimism is in the air and things are getting busy which is unusual for these last weeks of the year.

Have a great holiday!


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