Boulder Icon To Close Boulder Realtors Distraught

Tom’s Tavern, one of Boulder’s oldest restaurants, will close on Saturday, Dec. 22. Boulder Realtors and other locals have enjoyed Tom’s as one of the best places to get a true tavern-style burger for decades.

Blurb from the BCBR:

The restaurant, at 1047 Pearl St. opened in 1959 and was run by Tom Eldridge until he passed away in May.

Michael Eldridge, Tom’s son, said the restaurant is no longer financially sustainable, and the family doesn’t want to sell it to someone else.

“Tom was Tom’s Tavern. We don’t want anyone else running Tom’s Tavern,” Michael said, in a statement.

The Boulder Daily Camera also covered this story in an Article by Erika Stutzman.

One of the best things about Tom’s was it’s non-pretentious atmosphere. I remember when Toms really didn’t have windows and at an early age in my Boulder youth I figured it wasn’t a place safe to enter. Eventually one night a bunch of us college kids poured in and filled one of the large booths built for 6 (we had eight in our group).

Lots of Coors beer later and with a belly full of burgers we had been initiated and our tradition continued. Perhaps with a little less beer than on that first night.

Years later Tom’s got lots of windows, patio seating and such. I don’t think the restrooms ever changed much to some of the women’s dismay. Tom’s was a real tavern but it catered easily to locals, families and tourists with the same casual and comfortable style.

Stutzman’s article adds:

In many ways, the public outpouring is a eulogy for Eldridge himself, who was known as “Mr. Downtown Boulder” and served 10 years on the City Council following decades as one of our best-known and most colorful business owners. Say what you will about whether you agreed with his decisions about the municipality: He was as down-to-earth and straightforward as they came. And always, always ready to talk and listen.


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