Boulder Home Size Limit Controversy Continues

The ongoing controversy surrounding home sizes in Boulder county could be over as early as next week.

With three public meetings scheduled to discuss the county’s proposal to limit house sizes, you’ll have your opportunity (although you missed one last night) to voice your concerns (or support).

The feeling I get from all the people I’ve talked to is that the efforts by Boulder county commissioners to limit housing sizes is not a good thing.

Lots of people keep saying they think that it’s a matter of those that have trying to keep down those that don’t have. In this case, those that don’t have the big home yet.

I’ve written a couple times before on this and every time I get lots of interest so it seems to be a heated topic for some. Whether it’s east county areas including Spanish Village or Fairview Estates in the east, for example; or it’s suburban mountains like Jamestown or Boulder Heights, people seem to be ‘up in arms’ over the issue.

It’s a heated debate and I guess we’ll see soon. The commissioners have another study session scheduled for 5pm next monday when we expect they’ll give some direction to the staff on what the final program will look like.

Are you holding your breath?


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