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When Patrick Quinn, Broomfield’s mayor, began his presentation, I was surprised to hear that he wanted us to know about the amount of open lands there are in Broomfield (40%), and that Broomfield and RTD have approved a FasTracks train stop to service the Arista Center.

From what I’ve been hearing, there is a lot of concern over whether or not FasTracks will ever happen (although I am forever optimistic that it will be completed), and many people are distressed over the blown budget of this project.

There was little mention of the McWhinney purchase of over 900 acres in the eastern portion of the City and County of Broomfield, and it took a question from the audience to get at one of the transportation ‘hot buttons’ for many local commuters: The 120th/Hwy 128/ Hwy 36 flyover plans.

I believe that there’s a tremendous amount of activity and economic opportunity in the Broomfield area. Given its proximity to the Hwy 36 corridor, the growth at Interlocken, and the impact of ConocoPhillips, there are many great things to come from what I can see.

You may wonder why there was not any mention of the disaster looming at Flatirons Village. I too wondering why we didn’t hear what the plans were for this retail center adjacent to Flatiron Crossing Mall. Almost every retail business in the Village has left, and local residents (mostly from Superior) continue to scratch their heads in wonder as they process rumors about what’s in store for this area. Perhaps the plethora of hotels that are approved and planned for the immediate vicinity will fix all that by osmosis, of some sort.

Here are some highlights that you might be interested in:

The Barber Turkey facility on 120th was purchased by Wal Mart. The company is building a 160,000 square foot facility that will be complete around 2010.

The 120th/Hwy 128 flyover improvements to replace the crazy and convoluted roads you currently have to navigate in the area will begin soon. Phase one of the project will possibly be complete in 2009, and phases two and three should complete in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

There was some brief commentary about the continuation of the 470 loop from Broomfield down to Golden. Quinn said that there is some obvious need which has perceptively increased due to the anticipated ConocoPhillips facility, but that concerns over adjacent land use in proposed C470 route areas has been a hindrance to completing the road.

There was some very general mention of the approval of three projects on the north side of Hwy 7 including one called Northlands, which is to include one million square feet of retail development, and also another development called Palisade, which has a new Children’s Hospital facility as it’s anchor.

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