Boulder Creek Festival This Weekend

Are you getting ready for the Boulder Creek festival?

It’s this weekend, and there are so many things to do in Downtown Boulder that are part of the Boulder Creek Festival. My kids have always enjoyed the children’s area with the 55 gallon drum railroad, the kayaking (in a pool) and all the other booths, food and fun.

On Memorial Day weekend Boulder has this annual event. While this festival has evolved over time, this year’s Boulder Creek Festival put on by Boulder Creek Events promises to have many things to entertain all of us.

According to the official Boulder Creek Festival Website:

There will be three days of festivities featuring a large variety of events, activities, food and entertainment.

The Festival is free to the public and features something for everyone: 10 separate event areas with 500 vendors showcase everything from community arts and crafts to health alternatives and technology while five performance stages feature a spectrum of music and dance

If you’ve never been, it can be a fun time, as long as you don’t mind crowds. My wife isn’t a big fan of crowds and I’m not either, especially when I have to wrangle the children, but each year it’s worked out just fine and everyone has a blast.

One of the things we’ve done is stop by the Boulder Daily Camera booth to get our photo taken; we now have several years worth of commemorative photos on our fridge. It’s free from the Camera and they usually offer really great discounted rates on subscriptions too.

Interesting Note: Once upon a time, Boulder Creek was a less-than-friendly place. In 1894 the Boulder Creek flood did some pretty serious damage to the town. While the original intentions of early Boulder planners was indeed to have a pleasant and somewhat scenic walkway along the Boulder Creek area, by the mid 20th Century, Boulder Creek was basically a place to avoid.

Though the creek path has been there quite a long time now, it was around 1988 when some folks got the idea to clean up the creek and the path, and that effort evolved into the festival as it is today.

Now it’s a wonderful path that connects to miles of trails for walkers, bikers, in-line skaters and even stroller-pushing parents. My daughter learned to ride her bicycle on this path years ago.

There’s not a huge amount of swag but a few vendors have things to give away and you may just have some fun, Boulder style!


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