Boulder Considering Change on Alcohol Sales Near Schools

The City of Boulder is considering a change in the so-called Ban on Bars. Now, at first this sounds like a bad thing, but actually it may be quite a nice change for the community, especially those on The Hill in Boulder.

For a long while now, the City of Boulder has allowed an exemption  for The Hill area adjacent to C.U. from the ban on liquor establishments within 500 feet of a school.

Apparently, according to some sources, the existing businesses would be grandfathered in and would still be able to serve alcohol as they have for years. All in all, the City Council, the Planning Board, and a public process would come into play in order to make any changes .

C.U. has struggled with alcohol related incidents for decades on The Hill, in the University Hill Neighborhood, and on Campus due to  binge drinking and general alcohol abuse. In fact, binge drinking at C.U. has been reported to be nearly twice the national average compared to other university campuses.

I think the alcohol related crimes and the ancillary problems such as vandalism, sexual assault, and hostile interactions with law enforcement would all likely taper off if such a change occurred in the liquor laws on The Hill.

Time will tell, and we’ll just have to look at the city to see what changes may come our way.

Years ago alcohol sales were stopped at Folsom Field during games. I’ve seen first had a major change in the crowd behavior when I compare the before and after at Folsom.

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