The Walnut Boulder Brings Unique New Boulder Condos

If you’ve driven through the East End on Pearl Street lately you may have noticed that the 7-11 store is closed. It’s part of another downtown re-development project to bring more Boulder condos to the market.

A new addition to the offerings of upscale Boulder condos is coming to the corner of 17th St. and Walnut. But before we see the 7-11 come down I think we’ll see more progress on the N/W corner with The Walnut Boulder; a new Boulder condos project that’s somewhere in between One Boulder Plaza and The Peloton Boulder.

Somewhere in between literally and figuratively.
In some ways more appealing than One Boulder as it’s not quite in the midst of the hustle and bustle of downtown. (I remember showing a $600k + condo that looked right over at the parking garage above the bus station). The Walnut Boulder is still right in the heart of one of the best parts of the downtown area nestled in the edges of the Whittier Neighborhood and only steps away from some of the best new restaurants and shopping downtown Boulder real estate has to offer. Contrast this with The Peloton which is much further east and definitely a drive to downtown. Sure the Peloton has easy access to Twenty Ninth Street and of course if you’re thinking of buying an Audi and don’t already have transpo, you can walk over to Stammler Audi.

The Walnut Boulder website claims to plan on offering high end luxury units with a focus on views and light. Each condo will have a design featuring at least two sides of the home featuring natural light (and some with three). Decks, Balconies and ‘multitudes of private entrances’, High Ceilings, etc. Sounds like all the things we’d expect in Boulder condos priced starting at well over half a million dollars and running all the way up through over $3million.

The emphasis seems to be a little more on blending the experience of inside and outside as opposed to the stark contrast of a massive complex like The Peloton or the cold and calculated urban setting of One Boulder Plaza. While all three of these Boulder condos offer the high end design and construction features that will appeal to buyers willing to spend large money on smaller space (as compared to a single family home, after all, you can still get some pretty damn good real estate in Boulder for much less than the highest priced Walnut condos) each of these projects has something different to offer.

The toughest part with buying right now at Peloton or The Walnut seems to be determining just what you’ll get when it’s done. It seems that the local builders are putting together some top notch stuff and I’ve been generally impressed with the fit and finish of most of these projects in Boulder throughout the years lately. But for those of you that need to see and touch the actual condo unit before you buy, you may have to wait a while and you may want to get ready to pay a higher price. Prices rarely go down and usually go up as new construction projects build-out and finish.

Don’t be mislead by the media hype and the stuff you see on CNN and Fox about how builders are in trouble. Downtown Boulder isn’t surburban middle America. While builders of generic single family homes are looking hard at their prices and inventory levels, these Boulder condos are in high demand and relatively short supply.

If you’re adventurous and ready to buy before it’s built, The Peloton and The Walnut get you in on the ground floor, per se, while projects like One Boulder Plaza and Uptown Broadway now have you waiting for an opportunity to buy pre-owned property.


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