Boulder Condos at Holiday Neighborhood:Sustainable Design

nobo-holiday-neighborhood-boulder.jpgLike many other projects in Boulder, the Holiday Neighborhood brought an interesting product to the Boulder real estate market and even a touch of urban infill with taste. The project includes additional 1,2 and 3 bedroom Boulder condos as well as single family homes and a diverse range of prices and architectural styles including some interesting buildings by Coburn Development including Zamia Park and The Crescent.

I’ve shown several buyers to the Crescent Condos and they’ve all been intrigued by this project and the surrounding efforts of Coburn and other developers. The Uptown Broadway project appealed to people over the last couple of years too.

crescent-condos.jpgIn general, the Holiday Neighborhood experience, includes a sense of environmental responsibility and health according to the project website. Thankfully, they used some leading edge sustainable technologies in building and site design.

holiday-boulder-zamia-park.jpgFrom what I’ve seen both in pre-owned homes that I’ve helped my buyers with as well as new construction in the area, there are some wonderful choices for those looking for an alternative to the high prices of Downtown Boulder. The upside is that with all the mixed use projects along north Broadway and within the Holiday neighborhood, residents seem to find walking and biking very reasonable alternatives to jumping in the car to find dining, shopping and other necessary daily excursions.

I remember taking in a movie now and again at the Holiday Drive-In many years ago and the main thing that struck most of us about this part of Boulder in those days was that it was a lousy part of town. With little or no building guidelines historically and many shops such as tattoo parlors and pawn shops dotting the sides of North Broadway, this wasn’t the part of Boulder it is today. The Holiday Neighborhood is a welcome change to what was mostly once a seedy part of the community; now bustling with spandex-clad bicyclists darting up the road to Lee Hill and Left Hand Canyon after tanking up on caffeine from Amante!

The homes in the community were designed to capture views and promote favorable solar exposure. The park includes an apparently innovative drainage system to improve runoff water quality. And that’s another thing; the buildings are very close together in some instances yet the park areas and mixture of building styles make the whole thing work quite well from what I’ve seen so far.

Many of the homes include what the Holiday marketing calls sustainably harvested, resource conservative, and non-toxic materials in its construction. They also claim that at night, you can see the stars – thanks to outdoor lighting that has been modeled to maximize energy efficiency, reduce light pollution, and promote safety.

When compared with other projects, the Holiday neighborhood offers some of the best of both worlds. Unlike the Peloton Boulder it’s not massive, as compared to the smaller but certainly ‘high-end’ The Walnut Boulder, it’s relatively affordable and perhaps more entry-level, and yet in contrast to the Northfield Commons it has the variety of services and mixed use amenities many semi urban homeowners are looking for today.

The area is pretty much limited to pre-owned homes now so if you want to see what this part of Boulder has for you as a buyer, you should get in touch with your Realtor and get inside something that fits your budget soon. There’s a lot to be had in this very interesting and diverse community now.

-Zachary Epps, GRI, ABR, REALTOR®, Eco-Broker®, full-time RE/MAX professional, and author of

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