Boulder Condos at Goose Creek More Like Apartment Living

goose-creek-condos.jpgThe Boulder condos at Goose Creek confound reason. This is a brand new development. Okay not ‘brand new’ as it’s been selling and occupied for many months and basically finished out in early 2007. But my point is, it’s a ground-up development that simply blows my mind at the way the style and substance fall so damn short of what could have been a wonderful opportunity.

Sitting smack dab in the middle of the action (other than those downtown projects) it’s adjacent to connecting bike paths, a short walk to Whole Foods, the future Boulder transit village and Twenty Ninth Street, this project should have been an excersize in architectural and construction genius. Instead it fell way, way short and ended up being a nasty little cluster of apartment-style buildings that just happen to be in a great location; some of the units with great views.

With interesting projects like The Peloton Boulder, the very urban One Boulder Plaza, and The Walnut Boulder (which looks like it will be a great addition to the east end pedestrian aspect of Pearl Street and Downtown Boulder) why would a developer do what they did?

A recent newspaper article said:

Goose Creek Condominiums were built with intent not to repeat the drab and commonplace box-style residential architecture.

Unfortunately, that’s just what they did. With beautiful projects like the Steel Yard just steps away setting a wonderful example of what new urban infill projects can do to excite the visual senses, it’s astonishing to see something like Goose Creek get built.

Then, what about sustainability? Alternative energy? Built Green, solar energy, environmentally friendly even?

I think the people that put Goose Creek together could take a few lessons from Alex Platt at Solar Village and his Prospect New Town Solar Village Condos; the Holiday neighborhood and their sustainable design efforts or even


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