Boulder Community Less Charitable?

Doesn’t it seem amazing, and perhaps a little bit strange, to think that the local Boulder community is less charitable in terms of financial giving when compared to other, less affluent communities?

Well, according to the Community Foundation of Boulder County, it’s true.

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I’m on the Education Committee at the Boulder County Community Foundation, and I see first hand how difficult it is to help the foundation allocate the donations it has available to assist those educational entities in need.

The primary reason The Community Foundation exists, according to the foundation president Josie Heath, is to improve the quality of life in Boulder County and to build a culture of giving.

The Community Foundation’s work is to support the nonprofits in the area so that those groups can provide a safety net for people living on the financial margins in our community.

While the research over the past ten years shows that Boulder County residents are less charitable financially than some other communities, it also confirms that Boulder County people do step up to lend a hand to neighbors in times of need.

For those of us in need, we can only hope that these economic times turn around. For those of us with the resources to help, I encourage all of you that can, to contribute to the Community Foundation’s Community Trust, or your own favorite charity.

In January the Community Foundation committee I serve on will finalize its recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Foundation. I hope that local contributions will give the Education Committee all the resources it needs to assist the many education nonprofits in Boulder County asking for help.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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