Boulder Business Grows and Adds More Jobs

A local Boulder business,Socialthing, is growing and expanding its operations in downtown Boulder. The company expects to increase its staff by somewhere between 100% and 150% after moving into new space on Walnut St. Sounds like the Boulder real estate market moving in the right direction.

The company reminds me a lot of Fuser, another Boulder-Based business that helps users organize their online social networking.

When you look at how much time some people spend keeping up to date on each site they use, services like this may come in very handy.

What I like about this news is that it’s another reminder that locally, our business economy is strong and thriving. How’s your view of the economic forecast for Boulder?Let’s hear what you think about the local economy and if you have any, discuss your plans for buying or selling Boulder real estate. Call or email me today and give me a poke about what’s on your mind!

Fuser says that a national Survey Finds 87 Percent of Internet Users Spend at Least Seven Hours a Week Managing E-Mail and Social Networking Accounts.

I know this is true. I have friends that spend much more time than that on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. A friend of mine finally just fired up a facebook profile and spent almost an entire weekend online.

Socialthing! is a 2007 TechStars company. The company develops software that manages social networking applications and Web sites so friends can keep track of each other through one interface, instead of multiple sites. The company was recently acquired by AOL.

Socialthing! makes it easy to see all the things your friends are doing. It’s a news feed for every site that you use in one place.

It’s a place to see “what’s up” in your digital life, and figure out where to go to from there…

I’ll keep utilizing all the pertinent tools to market my business, and to be sure I’m capitalizing on all the current methods in order to give you what you really need most, when you’re ready to work with me in real estate. I want you to have access to the best tools available.

Call or email me today to find out what’s really going on in today’s real estate market. Or, leave a comment below and everyone can see what you think!

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional RealtorĀ® and EcoBroker


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    I rellay appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.

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