Boulder Area Job Growth

The Boulder Valley, and Boulder County area job growth seems to continue a strong trend upwards.

I’ve talked to many people in the area about ConocoPhillips coming to Louisville, and what that means to us in terms of Boulder jobs, housing prices and economic stability for all the communities along the highway 36 (Boulder Turnpike) corridor between Boulder and Denver.

Consider though the jobs and economic growth we’re already seeing, not attributable directly to ConocoPhilips (CP hasn’t even starting construction on any buildings yet), but rather the strength of our economy due to other jobs and businesses both related, and completely unrelated to ConocoPhillips, which continue to employ workers.

There have been regular reports of companies from California, New York, Texas and other parts of Colorado, and the US locating all of part of their business in our area.

A recent example is Vail Resorts’ moving 100 jobs to Broomfield. This slow and stead influx of jobs is sure to continue to bolster an already stable home value marketplace.

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The latest news from Vail Resorts is that they will move approximately 100 jobs to their Broomfield headquarters.

Did you know that the Vail Resorts headquarters are actually in Broomfield, Colorado, and not in Vail? Yep, right over there in Interlocken.

Many people overlook the fact that the high tech office park called Interlocken along the south side of Highway 36 between the Flatirons Crossing Mall and the new 1st Bank Events Center is part of Broomfield.

This is one of the reasons why property values continue to hold strong in communities like Louisville, Colorado and Superior, Colorado where a large number of highly-educated, well-paid choose to live and work.

Basically another good example of supply and demand.

Now, in terms of these 100 or so jobs coming to Broomfield. Vail Resorts, which owns the Keystone and Breckenridge ski areas, will apparently pay some costs for its current staff in accounting and purchasing positions to relocate from Summit County to Broomfield. You should know though, that the reason Vail Resorts says the intent is to more easily fill some vacancies in these departments with qualified candidates.

Think you’d like to become one of the staff memebers working in the newly leased 17,000 square feet  of office space at 390 Interlocken Crescent, along with the existing 300 or so Vail Resorts people? You might consider jumping over to the Vail Resorts Website for a look at how to contact the right people.

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