Bolder Boulder Tours Boulder Real Estate

You may be in an elite crowd this coming Monday if your tour of Boulder real estate in downtown Boulder neighborhoods includes running with more than 50,000 fellow Bolder Boulder participants through Boulder city streets as we celebrate the 30th Bolder Boulder. This Bolder Boulder is expected to set a record with a projection of over 53,000 participants.

Last year the race organizers introduced electronic timing which not only recorded accurate start and finish times, due to a sensor worn on each participants shoe, it also recorded splits. As we crossed the sensor pads lying on the course, you may remember the multitudes of audible beeps. Cliff Bosley, the Bolder Boulder race director, says that we won’t have the delays we had last year in getting our finish times. Bolder Boulder has hired The End Result — a company that has worked with large races all over the world — to backup Bolder Boulder’s IPI-CO tag-timing technology. If you remember last year, it was days before the official results were completely in. I think I’ll still wear my Garmin device to track my own times and splits just for fun.

One of the best things about the Bolder Boulder race, and there are many, is that virtually anyone can enter and participate in this event. Unlike other 5k and 10k races around the country, the Bolder Boulder doesn’t limit the number of entrants.

Talking to a client recently while we were looking at homes for him to buy, we discussed how many other events limit their entries to the extent that you probably can’t get in the race if you don’t jump on your computer to complete an online entry within an hour or two of registration opening.

Locally, I haven’t had trouble with getting into events such as the Fresh Start 5k, Quicker Quaker, Canine Classic or Earth Day 5k. Maybe it’s my compulsion to register early. I’m not a big competitor, meaning that I don’t usually finish with very fast times, but I do have fun and so will generally register online as soon as I get an email alert about a favorite race coming up.

I hope to see some of you whom I’ve talked to in the last few weeks. I usually camp out up against the wall in the east stands if it’s a hot day — as that’s a great place to avoid getting baked. Perhaps I’ll see you there after the race?


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