Bolder Boulder Rainy And Fast

While the Bolder Boulder this year wasn’t quite as fast as the Indianapolis 500 the previous day, it may have had fewer mishaps than the famous Indy race. Though I had to jostle with a few runners (as they did with me, politely of course, with lots of “excuse me”) as I made my way to a PR in the Bolder Boulder (by 4 seconds), I didn’t have nearly the collision trouble that fan-favorite Ms. Patrick was saddled with during her race.

I’ve been living in the Boulder area nearly 30 years, yet this is only the third time I’ve run the popular 10k course. I’m a definite fan of the electronic timing, and I always look forward to giving a high five to the Blues Brothers in the first mile.I had the pleasure of connecting with two past clients and friends after the race, and learned that they had a great time and did really well. I saw Patrick before the start since our waves were near each other on 30th Street. Somewhere along the way Patrick passed me, and he finished a few minutes before me. Jeff I never saw as he finished in a little over 40 minutes and was well ahead of me from the beginning in an earlier wave. It was cool to run into both of them just after the finish.

I looked around for some other friends that I knew were running yesterday but couldn’t find Yule or Scott anywhere in the crowd of 53,000 plus people. Go figure. I noticed that another past client finished well in the race. Mike and his wife gave me the privilege of helping them find their new home in Dakota Ridge when they decided to move from Los Angeles. For a guy in his early ’50’s I’d say his time was good; he beat me by several minutes. I should check into his training regimen.

A nice plus for me was that my father came up from Santa Fe to visit us for the weekend, and he got up early with me to cheer me on. We reconnoitered after I finished running in my usual spot near section 117 to view the other finishers, but left earlier than in previous years due to the rain. The weather made for great running at just over 50 degrees, but when it started raining harder it made for lousy spectating.

With a quick bite of food over at Panera at Twenty Ninth Street, we headed home to regroup and we all went off to see the new Indiana Jones movie, then back home for home-made smoked ribs, thanks to my friend Payton. Payton gave me a smoker a few years ago and it’s continuing to get steady use, especially now that my son is old enough to help start the fire.

It was a fun day at the Bolder Boulder. If you’re going to run next year, let’s get together after the race. I’ll be somewhere around section 117 or shoot me an email and we’ll make plans. Of course that’s after we get a chance to prowl the expo for swag.


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