Bikers Will No Longer Risk Lives Riding Boulder’s Diagonal Hwy.

For years bicyclists have risked their lives in certain parts of the route along the Longmont Diagonal Highway (also known as Hwy 119) as they had to merge into traffic lanes where the shoulder of the road disappeared. I’ve never liked riding on the roadway and have been more of a mountain bike fan myself.

However, as the road riding popularity has increased in the Boulder area (you think Lance had anything to do with that?) and scores of uber-jocks have planted roots here, the roads are full of riders. I think it’s wise and timely that improvements like this are being made.

Here’s the Boulder County Business Review Story:

Construction of phase one of the SH 119 Bikeway Project will begin in March 2008, the first step in a five-year plan to create a continuous, safe bikeway between Boulder, Gunbarrel, Niwot and Longmont.

Two critical locations are targeted for the initial phase where the six- to eight-foot wide shoulder ends, and cyclists now funnel into traffic lanes. The northbound side of the Lefthand Creek Crossing will acquire a bridge and improvements will be made to the intersection at Highway 52. Improvements to a third location at Four Mile Creek are slated for later in the year.

Funds from the county-wide Transportation Improvement Issue, approved by voters in 2001, the Federal Transportation Enhancement Program, and State and Federal funds are covering project costs.

“We have a lot of cyclists using the Diagonal Highway year-round,” said Boulder County Alternative Transportation Tim Swope in a statement. “When talking to cyclists who use the highway, these three locations come up again and again as the critical barriers for safe cycling along the corridor.”

SH 119 Bikeway Project information is available at or by calling Boulder County Transportation at 303-441-3900.

Now, if we could only get the Red Zinger Bicycle Classic back…

Details above courtesy of The BCBR Daily.


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