Big Plans In Broomfield Real Estate Market

If you’ve been wondering about other growth around the area, and especially how areas like Broomfield may be impacted by the ConocoPhillips project, there’s some new news.

A Loveland-based development company intends to build a mix of retail, offices, and residential homes on about 900 acres it owns near I-25 and the Northwest Parkway.

McWhinney, the company responsible for the Centerra mixed-use development in Loveland, specified in its presentation to Broomfield City Council there would be 175 acres set aside for an applied research center. Using jargon straight out of verbiage from many ConocoPhillips announcements, McWhinney representatives talked about capitalizing on the proximity to CU, CSU and other research institutions.

You may have been thinking that it’s about time we see some more development along the Northwest Parkway route. I would agree. The parkway makes up the northwest quarter of an intended beltway around the greater metro area, and it’s been several years of fairly lonely road as fewer than expected have embraced the toll road.

McWhinney purchased the land just about six months ago. This looks like a direct response to the ConocoPhillips purchase of the former StorageTek / Sun Micro campus in Louisville. Kim Perry, McWhinney executive is quoted in the Boulder Daily Camera saying: “We are already seeing activity as the result of the relocation of ConocoPhillips…”

My information is that ConocoPhillips isn’t relocating, per se, but rather launching efforts to build an entirely new arm of it’s business focused on alternative energy research and education. In either case, the point is clear that ConocoPhillips’ initiative in our area is sparking a domino effect of business growth in our area that reaches far beyond Louisville.

Broomfield has wanted to have a project on this location for over a decade. The city’s 1995 master plan included a mixed-use development on the site, and now it seems to be a potential reality.

If you already live in nearby Anthem, you’ll want to know that developers intend to connect the new project to the Anthem area, and other proposed mixed-use projects nearby, with roads and trails in an effort to blend the communities geographically for easy transportation.

McWhinny admits that they have been researching sites in several states to identify a preferred location. Do you think that ConocoPhillips purchase of the Louisville campus nearby might have given them the confidence to move forward with these local plans?

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-Zachary Epps


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