Bernanke Boosts Stocks, Optimism Prevails

Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, helped rally stocks on Tuesday with an announcement that regulators aren’t planning to nationalize banks, and that he thinks the recession could end as early as this year.

This included comments that the major concerns will be over getting financial markets and credit markets to operate ‘normally’.

The thought is that nationally the economy will continue to ‘contract’ for a few months before a measurable improvement is seen.

Locally, we know that the Boulder real estate market is actually showing an up trend. I hope that most of you are getting this. As far as Boulder real estate goes, the market is not in a downturn.

If you want more information about the local real estate market, call or email me, and I’ll get to work right away on getting you what you need.

While this is great news to hear from national media sources like the Associate Press and others, we’ve seen that job growth is promising locally for Boulder Valley, and real estate prices have actually been on the rise.

Take a look at the data on my post that’s coming on Thursday, comparing the sold prices on Boulder single family homes in January versus January of the previous year. You’ll see that while the number of homes sold is down a bit, prices of sold homes has risen.

There were also reports of better than expected numbers nationally from Home Depot for the recent quarter. This info also adds some optimism to the economic outlook for the national economy, especially those who are a part of the housing market.

Call or email me to get a run-down on the real numbers for your particular neighborhood. It’s sometimes coming down to that kind of analysis, to get the straight dope on how home appreciation looks for you and your home.

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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