Ball Aerospace Employee Confirms New Jobs

Are you interested in the Boulder, Colorado Job Market? This morning I went for a long run. After my run, I ran into my friend Chris N. who works as an Electronic Packaging Engineer at Ball Aerospace.

He confirmed what I heard last month, that Ball Aerospace is hiring again; and they’re hiring in a big way.

Apparently, in his department alone, they’ll be adding about 30 to 40 workers within the next 30 to 75 days.

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Chris also said that it’s not just his department that’s doing some major hiring, but that it’s accross the board… many departments are hiring at Ball, and this is a direct result of several new contracts Ball earned over the last year.

Remember my earlier post about Seakr Engineering in Denver. They’re the outfit which builds the payload processors… what a lot of us outside the industry refer to as ‘black boxes’ that become a part of satellite systems.

Okay, so I’m showing my lack of specific knowledge about the aerospace industry. I think it’s sufficient to know however, that these Ball Aerospace contracts have an exponential effect on our local and regional job markets.

This is ongoing great news. Strong job markets mean strong real estate markets, and the Boulder county area has held in there quite well during the last decade when other markets have seen some major downturns.

If there’s anyone left out there questioning whether or not we’ve made the turn upward from the ‘bottom’ of the market trend in real estate prices and numbers of homes sold, I think it’s clear that time has come.

Interest rates are still extremely low, and are predicted to begin to rise. Some of our localized areas are already seeing prices trending upward (with the exception of the suburban foothills), so if you’ve been watching and waiting for the ‘right’ time to make a purchase, this could likely be that time.

I’ll pull some data and give you the statistics on the recent real estate market activity soon. We have some catching up to do on that front, so stay tuned!

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