After 20 Years In Boulder, D’Napoli Restaurant Closing

D’Napoli Restaurant in Downtown Boulder will close at the end of August after almost 20 years of serving great food.

In 1989 Liz and Tom Neopolitan opened D’Napoli on the Hill in Boulder where it originally shared space with Mother’s Cafe. Eventually Liz and Tom moved the restaurant to its current location in about 1992 on Walnut street just west of 9th.

Three years ago, Bill Gregorak became the owner of D’Napoli. Now it seems that, in a clearly business oriented decision, the restaurant has been sold and the word is that the new owners will not keep the current name, and there’s no clear indication if there will be significant menu changes.

Prior to D’Napoli opening at the 835 Walnut location, the simple looking block building housed a favorite restaurant of mine called Southern Comfort. Apparently is wasn’t a favorite of many others as it didn’t last anywhere as long as D’Napoli.

Many of you may also be aware that a former Boulder restaurant landmark of sorts exists right next door. One space west of the D’Napoli location is an old house that was home to Nancy’s restaurant. I can remember the local tradition of choosing either Nancy’s or Lucille’s as the two logical Sunday brunch choices. Frequently the decision came down to whether there was a desire for mimosas or bloody marys. Nancy’s had a full bar… Lucille’s did not.

No news yet on what kind of restaurant will occupy the space at 835 Walnut. It’s sometimes a drag to see a local favorite disappear, but with the hope of another fresh new face in the restaurant world in Boulder, I’m excited to see what happens.

If nothing else, there’s a tradition in Boulder that lives on: many restaurant choices in Boulder and always something new to choose from.


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  1. Digbee Stevens on September 2nd, 2008 3:08 pm

    That’s a bummer, I really loved that restaurant. Guess I should have given them more of my business!

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