Will That Be Cash Or Credit?

In case you missed it, you can’t use E-470 anymore if you want to pay your toll with cash.

In this constant migration away from using real cash money, the EXpressToll people have decided to close the cash collection booths on part of the 470 loop around metro Denver.

Part of the tollway will continue to take cash though. If you use 470 to get between Boulder County and DIA for instance, you have some options.

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Some additional notes and thoughts about the changes on the 470 toll road, and cash versus electronic transfers.

The portion of the toll road called the “Northwest Parkway” will still accept cash for now, and the EXpressToll operators plan to keep the booths and coin and cash collection mechanism in place.

There’s a curious switch to facilitate dumping the cash collection system. EXpressToll is implementing a process to charge travelers that don’t have a transponder by taking a photograph of the license plate, and then sending you a bill. It’s already been implemented on some parts of the road, and reports say that most folks are being honest and actually paying the bill when they get it.

It pays to use the transponder though. Getting a transponder is free, and you get a 10% discount on the tolls if you use one.

Also, there are two types: the stick-on-your-windshield type, and another that fits neatly on your license place with special security bolts so you don’t have that thing on your windshield.

I think in this increasingly cashless world, we need to still be mindful of how we spend and where our money is going. Now, I’m not going to lecture anyone on the merits of using cash and having a more acute awareness of how we let our money slip away on frivolous expenses. And I do want to suggest that you take a look once in a while at your credit card and bank statements. I found something interesting on my last bank statement.

It seems that a local restaurant, and also a large grocery store chain double charged me. Fortunately, the bank was very cooperative about fixing the error. What runs through my head though is how many times does this happen and we never know it?

The restaurant thing was a little strange, because the duplicate charge was different by five cents, and hit my account one day after the original purchase. Peculiar, to say the least. The grocery store charge was identical, and on the same day. Nope, I didn’t go back to that restaurant the next day and have an identical meal, and I didn’t go into the grocery store two times in the same day and make the same purchase.

With EXpressToll, if you have a transponder, you get a detailed statement of each pass through a toll station. I’ve checked mine and it’s very accurate. Will you be checking your statements?

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Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker® at RE/MAX Alliance Boulder


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