Where’s The Beef Now That Toms Tavern Is Closed?

Toms Tavern.jpgtoms tavern exteriorI found myself walking up the Pearl Street Mall in Downtown Boulder recently and mourning the passing once again of Tom Eldridge and Tom’s Tavern. As a favorite of locals for a great tavern-style hamburger and an affordable price, there was a huge turn-out on a very cold day a few weeks ago for the last day at Tom’s.

kids at Toms TavernI took a few photos as we were one of the first few folks to get in and get seated for the final day.

toms tavern last day insideIt was a long wait out in the cold, especially with the kids since it wasn’t any fun. I mean no balloon man, no mouse riding on a cat, riding on a dog… no zip code man either. What the heck?

dad and kids at Toms TavernMy father was in town visiting from Santa Fe and so he and the kids and I made the trek over there.

Parker at Toms TavernThe news media did their thing and my bookkeeper, Wendy Baumgartner, even said that she saw us on the news that afternoon for a brief moment. Ah, fame and infamy at last!

Toms Tavern Guests WaitingSpeaking of photos, we grabbed a couple of shots of the folks that were waiting for the first influx of people to finish eating and get the heck out so they could be seated. I’d swear we saw a young Drew Berrymore but ET was nowhere in sight.

Toms Tavern BarThere are certainly many other great restaurants in Boulder and loads of them within walking distance but none with the same old world style.

toms tavernThe place still has the giant ‘smoke-eater’ machines hanging from the walls from the days when Tom’s had no windows, a pay phone (anyone even know what that is anymore?) and lots of characters sitting at the bar sipping Coors draft beer way before noon with smoke curling around their heads.

toms tavern last dayMarshal at Toms tavernFor more modern digs, The Walnut Brewery just about a block away has great burgers, and if you can’t walk that far, Old Chicago Pizza is an old standard on the Pearl Street Mall.

There’s probably a couple dozen eateries within a short walk in almost any direction.

Some of my other favorites nearby include Brasserie 1010, The Chop House, Hapa, The Corner Bar (at the Hotel Boulderado), Centro, and The Med (if you can get a seat on the patio in the spring or fall).

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  1. Harvy Isher on February 16th, 2008 4:12 pm

    I never thought Tom’s was all that great but then again, I’m a vegetarian so I’m probably not the best objective critic of a hamburger joint. For the most part, I like your take on Boulder and the way you mix it up with your personal life in and around Boulder and the real estate info.

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