Washington School Redevelopment Update

It has been some time since we’ve had an update on the old Washington school redevelopment project in Boulder. Wonderland Hill Development Co. just presented a new design that offers less density. And I think it’s more in line with what the community wants.

The 1215 Cedar Ave. location is in a very popular part of town and many residents are cautious about approving anything too quickly.

Jim Leach, Wonderland Hill President, has taken his project down from 40 planned units to just 33 units. That’s a pretty significant number given the smaller size of the project. This change will certainly affect the market-rate priced homes, so those of you who don’t qualify for affordable housing units will be paying a little more for the lack of density in the new design.

If you’ve been following this story, you know that an earlier plan for the old Washington School site was strongly opposed by neighboring residents. Leach and his team went back to the drawing table, collaborating with more experts and input from both neighbors and city officials. There will be 23 market-rate homes in the new plan.

The three-acre property is currently home to Washington Elementary, which has been vacant for many years. It was purchased last April for $4.1 million dollars by Wonderland Hill. There are no current details on the price points of the new homes planned for the project, which is slated to include both single family homes, duplexes, a common house, and multi-family units.

It’s expected that the plans may be approved by the end of the year if all goes well.

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-Zachary Epps, Full-Time Professional Realtor and EcoBroker


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