Walmart Coming To Boulder Colorado

Believe it or not, according to media sources on Tuesday morning, a Walmart has been approved and is coming to Boulder.

For years a debate has raged about whether or not Boulder needs or wants a Walmart store, depending upon who you talk to.

On one side of the controversy, the bulk of working people in the area insist that Boulder needs more affordable options for shopping for basic needs and supplies, and a Walmart is just the ticket.

On another side of the issue is Boulder’s long standing opposition to any ‘big box’ retailer. Usually over considerations such as the economic damage it might do to smaller, local businesses. Included in this topic people sometimes claim that large retailers like this change the entire scope, feel and image of the city.

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A Daily Camera article from March of 2012 mentioned the possiblity that Walmart might be coming to the Diagonal Plaza shopping center where we once had Ross, Albertsons, PetSmart, and other failed retailers.

It makes me wonder how Boulder ever got a K-Mart (now the ‘super’ Safeway at Iris and 28th), the failed big box Ultimate Electronics, Target on 28th, or even the anchor Home Depot at the Twenty Ninth shopping district. Many people expressed disdain for the hardware giant, and some believed it would be the demise of the much loved, and nearly nationally famous McGuckin’s Hardware. Last I checked, McGuckin’s is thriving.

To address some issues about the possibility of a Walmart store and the size/impact of this, here’s a quote from the Daily’s article from earlier this year:

While the average size of a standard Walmart store is 108,000 square feet, the average size of a Walmart Neighborhood Market — which provides groceries, pharmacy and retail services on a smaller scale — is about 42,000 square feet, according to the Walmart corporate website.

Asked Friday whether he’s involved in negotiations with Walmart, property owner John Rinderknecht initially said there were “none

that I know.”


An artist rendering of a proposed remodeling of a building at the Diagonal Plaza shopping center in north Boulder. While the tenant has not been named, there is speculation that it may be Walmart. (City of Boulder)

pressed further, Rinderknecht said, “I’m not able to discuss this” and declined further comment.


A call to a Walmart spokesperson was not returned Friday afternoon.

As another point/counter point to the issue, here’s a quote from a comment on the Daily Camera website from just a couple months ago:

Boulder must have a Walmart where its hard working middle class residents can shop, and which will create jobs and desparately needed sales tax revenue for Boulder.

Walmart sells everything, not just what one gets at the Farmer’s Market.

Those who love the Farmers Market will continue to shop there and those who hate Walmart will not shop at it.

Frankly, I think it will be interesting to see how it shakes out, and to see if the report on Tuesday’s am radio news is accurate. If so, wonder how Boulder will like the increased tax revenue, and Boulderites will like the low prices and added jobs.

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Call, text, or email me today!… I’d seriously enjoy having the opportunity to talk to you about your plans if you’re moving, or if you know someone who is considering a move, and needs some straight answers.


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