Wait, Don’t Shoot That House Yet!

kitchenSellers often feel that by the time they sign the listing agreement it’s time to plunk the sign in the yard.

This can be a big mistake.

While it’s been a careful process of picking a Realtor and you’ve been thinking about the next step in your life, it’s important to not jump the gun and move too quickly. Unless you’re in a super booming market (not many of you are right now), careful steps should be taken to be certain that when your house hits the market it needs to be what we like to call “parade ready”.

Take the time to consult with a staging consultant and make some adjustments per their report/consultation. Get the pre-inspection done and the needed repairs finished. Consider professional cleaning and only then, let the photographer come in to do his thing.

cameraBy being well prepared and getting all the proper steps out of the way, you’ll have an opportunity to present your home to the market with its best foot forward. When the sign hits the yard, the full color brochures should be in the box with multiple photos, from a professional photographer, and great descriptive text. (It should entice the prospective buyers to want to get inside). The same goes for the website for your home including a dedicated site, Realtor.com, the local MLS etc.

If you choose a Realtor that pays for these services then you’re even further ahead. Work closely with your Realtor. He’s a professional, that’s why you hired him, so listen to his advice, follow the steps in the marketing plan and cooperate. You want your home to look like a showroom. It needs to appeal to the most buyers possible.

great roomIf you allow that group of currently active buyers to come through your home or see it online without photos, you’ll miss the boat and those buyers will be gone. By the time you get it ready, the parade has passed and your house is a stale has-been on the market trying to play catch-up.

We live in homes one way… we have to prepare them for sale in another way altogether. Choose a real estate professional that will help you with a complete and comprehensive marketing plan and get your home Parade Ready!

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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