Town Of Superior Targeting Energy Efficiency

The Town of Superior board of trustees has several goals on its list of to-do’s from its 2008 schedule. One of those items is to help the town become more energy self-sufficient.

You’ll likely see several different things come together as these plans take shape.

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When Superior actually gets moving on their work towards energy self sufficiency, we’ll see some of the town buildings with solar (I’m guessing likely photo voltaic) on the roof, and perhaps even wind turbine implementations. With all the wind Superior has had in January, and the kinds of winds the area tends to have all year, this seems like a great combo.

Mr. Randall told one of the local papers that he expects the solar and wind driven energy solutions to support the Superior municipality functions including water and sewer facilities, the town hall building, and even the community pools.

I suppose that as the town adopts these alternative energy methods, you may see more local residents warming up to the idea of adding solar or wind alternatives to their homes.

I heard about one local resident who doesn’t want to add solar due to his negative feelings about the look of the photo voltaic roof panels. As these panels become more commonplace, and are seen as the norm, opinions like this may likely change.

I imagine as we get tired of paying a vendor like Xcel for our energy needs, while living in an area with so much regular sunshine and wind, these kinds of feelings will begin to shift in favor of alternatives to the extent that they may no longer be considered ‘alternative’ but rather the norm.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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