Time To Vote In Superior

A few towns are having local elections and the Town of Superior has its election tomorrow. There are some great info links in my full story. You can vote between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm and there are three open seats for new trustees.

I spoke with Debra Williams today (she’s one of the candidates) for quite a while and she seems to have a very good handle on local issues. I’ve also known Debra for several years as she led my daughter’s Brownie / Girl Scout group and now heads up the school Chess Club.

Since I’ve had many opportunities to spend time with Debra and get an instinctive feel for her values, skills and talents, I’m excited as ever to learn that I can now help her get a seat on the town council with my vote.

Tomorrow, April 1st, is election day for Superior residents. Three seats for the Town Board (out of 6 seats and 1 mayor) are up for reelection. Make sure you vote to have a say in who will guide our town for the next 4 years.

Here are some articles from Superior Observer and Daily Camera on who is running and their stats. There are 7 candidates running for 3 seats.

Daily Camera Article on the seven candidates.
Superior Observer editorial on the most experienced candidates

Daily Camera Article about Paul Everitt whose has interest in merging Superior into Broomfield

Town hall is off of McCaslin before you turn into the Superior Marketplace (Target/Costco). Only takes a couple minutes of your time but gives you the power to help shape our town for the future.

Not sure if you’re registered to vote, check this website.


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