The Peloton Boulder Update

You may have heard that The Peloton is one of the premier Boulder condos in our area, but did you know that there are some new things going on?

I also may have an opportunity for you if you’re interested in an opportunity to purchase a one-bedroom Peloton condo in Building C for market rate from over one year ago.

If you’re in the market for a Boulder condo at the Peloton, or at another Boulder location, please consider calling or emailing me know so that I can help you find the property you want on your terms.

One of the new things is that you can periodically get bonus savings on select condos at the Peloton. There are limited-time offers where the Peloton will offer up to $100,000 off the purchase price.

Did you know that condos at The Peloton come with a reserved space in the underground, heated parking garage? If the unit you buy includes over 1050 square feet, you’ll get two parking spaces with your home.

All Peloton homeowners also get a lifetime Eco Pass to the RTD system which is scheduled to be usable on FasTracks.

Remember also that if you contact me directly, there are bonueses available if you buy a Peloton condo through me such as a free washer and dryer, flat panel HDTV, and other offers that I’m negotiating with the Peloton.

You won’t be able to get these bonus deals through the Peloton without me, so if you speak to them directly, be sure to tell them you’ve decided to work with me as your agent. Best of all, call or email me now so we can talk about finding you just what you want in a new Boulder condo.
-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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