The Peloton Boulder Still Going Strong

I got an email recently from a person thinking about buying a condo in Boulder. She had stopped in at  the Peloton sales office on Arapahoe. With her sister and brother in-law in tow, she wanted a personal tour of the project. She and her family came away a little disappointed, and it was unfortunate that this happened.

This caused some confusion with these buyers about whether or not the Peloton project is doing well.

Going in at about noon on a Saturday recently, this person and her family found that they couldn’t get an agent or sales person to show them around. There was a receptionist who explained that making an appointment for later in the day would be the best approach. The appointment was made, but when they returned at 3:00, they were again told that no one was available.

These people experienced similar frustration for different reasons at the Landmark Lofts project. A more fundamental and troubling dilemma at Landmark was that they could not even find the sales office.  This is typical. I went over to the Landmark project many months ago to attend a meeting and could not locate the office either. I’ve heard this complaint from buyers and real estate agents many times. There is a sign now but you certainly need to know what to look for and where to look.

The Peloton issue surprised me since I’ve been over there many times and always found it was easy to get help from their sales staff. After hearing about this situation, I shot an email over to Julia Cantarovici-Simisky, the V.P. of Sales & Marketing at the Peloton. She’s been a great resource for me and is always working hard to make sure things go well over there.

Julia explained to me that there are some changes pending to improve the level of service at the sales office. The office assistant is training to qualify to be a sales associate and she is also hiring an additional sales associate since the project is so busy. As tours take 25 minutes or more, they need the additional help. Julia reports that when they get a serious prospect, they like to take however much time that buyer wants/needs to answer all their questions and this can take up to 4 hours or longer. It sounds like a tough juggling act but she’s working hard to make it a workable solution so that buyers get the help they need and the sales associates can still keep busy.

The sales center is also moving so that it’s more convenient to show the project without the hike across the parking lot and road.The Peloton has closed the sale on over 50 homes in the last few weeks. There have been very few contracts that fell through due to the tightened lending situation and those that did fall through have already been replaced with new buyers.

Phase II, which includes the remaining two buildings, will be available for purchase at a later date. The decision was made to build the exterior of all the buildings so that the crane could be removed sooner without having to return again later. This seems to be a decision that makes the current residents very happy. Once Phase I is completely sold, Phase II will be available for purchase contracts. The anticipated release date is still uncertain but the thinking is that it will be sometime in 2009. Those units will be more expensive, so if you’re really interested in the Peloton, now is the time to get on board and get into a great project at a great price.


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  1. john on August 22nd, 2008 7:43 am

    hi zachary, how are you and your real estate blog ? are sales getting better ?

    im here at philippines and i was wondering where should i join or what community site i should join that i may find investors or buyers .. i am into internet marketing now yet i still looking for the right place.

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