Superior Sunrise

It’s sometimes hard to mentally take time off, to slow down, and look around to see how much there is to appreciate.

Today, I was able to do that with the benefit of a spectacular sunrise in Superior.Since I usually wake up fairly early, I’m up and buzzing through my day generally before the sun comes up. Today was no different, so while the rest of my family was sleeping as usual, I got to thinking about how, as the year comes to an end, I have many things to be thankful for in my life.

While it feels like an overwhelming task to consider making such a list, I was struck by the fact that it was almost effortless to keep noticing that so much in my life is good. Often this takes effort if we let ourselves get drawn into the negative chatter around us each day as too many of us fall prey to complaining, and wanting for what we long for, rather than noticing what we already have.

Donald used to remind me that Larry always said to walk away from the negativity…

Just before sunrise, I decided to skip my morning run, and instead take a walk around the neighborhood. The air was a balmy 38 degrees, so my hands were fairly firmly entrenched in the depths of my jacket pockets. As I was heading back up the hill the sun started glowing in the east.

As the sky changed from a small glow to the blaze that then poured onto the foothills, I sipped some coffee from a paper cup, and stared.

It then came to me that my family and I have so much that we are thankful for, and even though it’s not the biggest house, the fastest car, or the largest bank account… I am a part of so much I’ve reached towards.

I’ve always wanted to be a husband and father, it is so. I had a burning desire to become more involved in volunteering and community service this year, and the Community Foundation, Habitat For Humanity,, and even Cub Scout Pack 278 have given me these opportunities.

Building connections with friends, family, and business associates, that enable me to find new ways to contribute, educate/share, and most of all learn, has been a constant desire that’s being realized more than ever in recent months.

Some people come into my life disguised as clients, and become friends; some come first wrapped as friends, and become clients. They are all gifts of the first order.

My father is close, and will be closer soon. I am with my family every day, and while I work many long hours, I capitalize on the flexibility to stay close and spend time with them before these young years slip away.

I am given the privilege to help so many people with a very important part of their lives, and it’s truthfully an honor to have so much trust from so many.

Thankful to learn so much from everyone; neighbors who are local scientists and authors, virtually life-long photographer friends that have given me so much opportunity and generous time, internet experts that support my painful learning curve towards giving back, editing experts from afar that have become valued friends and at times professional and life-learning advisors, new friends who help me remember patience and sharing.

Jeff told me a secret, which he continues to share, Joel reminds me how to be a dad and communicate more clearly, Dan ‘directs’ me in ways he doesn’t realize, Lat helps me find patience, Connie shows me quiet can be good, Yule delivers giving and freedom from judgment, Chris trusts, Shuler never waivers, JB while gazing at Arapahoe always returns, Randall loves, Stongle laughs and encourages, Gail gives and supports when you least expect it, John believes, Ian remembers, and it’s all truly immeasurable.

Each step I took this morning came with it thoughts of how much I have to be grateful for, and reminded me about how gratitude is the best way I can pick up my attitude and improve my day to find my way through this adventure.

I hope your year has given you many reasons to be grateful, and that you also find ways to see clearly where you want to go and who you want to become. I hope we will meet someday, or see each other again.

Here’s to a wonderful year to come. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your world.

-Zachary Epps.


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