Superior Eldorado K-8 Picnic Rainout

Superior’s Eldorado K-8 school had it’s annual picnic cookout. It’s supposed to be a time where the kids get to have their parents come to school and join them for hot dogs and hamburgers out on the play ground.

It went on as planned, but with lots of rain.

In fact, rain and hail all over the area, including tornadoes out in the Windsor area and — I even had a client in the Los Angeles area email me about it. We’re meeting next week in Fort Collins to have lunch and talk about his pending move to Fort Collins from LA. He saw something on CNN about the tornadoes.

So, I showed up at the school at the prescribed time and saw my daughter, as she came into the cafetorium (yes, that’s what they call it). She told me I was to go outside and wait for her to find me. I bought my ticket for the hamburger and went out to get soaked.

Well, it was cool. I saw some other parents I know and said hello to a lot of people. We were all getting wet, and I continued to wait. Then I waited some more. I guess my daughter got lost so I checked the lines and went back inside but didn’t see her anywhere. I think I was the one who was lost.

One of the kids said she saw my wife looking for me, but by the time that I heard this and called her on her cell phone, she was gone. I finally found my daughter in her classroom happily munching away on a juicy hot dog.

The school staff were real troopers, as usual, and other than some people getting wet, the event went off without much trouble. Pretty typical of the ‘can-do’ attitude of the Eldorado staff and the Rock Creek community.

And I got to spend some time with my daughter in her classroom after all. It goes by quickly so I’ll take it however I can get it. =)


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