Superior Dining at Sushi Yoshi

One of my local favorites in Superior for Japanese fare and Sushi is a place near Costco in the Superior Marketplace called Sushi Yoshi.

Yoshi used to work at one of the Boulder sushi places for years, and he’s owned and operated his operation in Superior for a while now.

If you want top rate sushi, and some authentic Japanese offerings that you won’t find at the more famous or larger operations, check out Yoshi’s hidden treasure in Superior at the Superior Marketplace.

It’s just behind and to the West of the Buffalo Wild Wings, and you’ll likely have to look carefully to find it, but it’s worth the effort.

My struggle? I introduced my kids to sushi at an early age and now their first choice is sushi when we go out to eat. Not that they get that choice every time, but they always ask! Sushi Yoshi is consistently one of their favorites.

Amazingly enough, they both like things like eel and Ikura!

Here’s some recent info on specials for this month at Sushi Yoshi.

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Now, here’s those Sushi Yoshi specials:


Yamada Nishiki


NEW Katsuo/Bonito Sashimi (5 piece)  $17.00

Tara Kara-Age (Deep fried cod fish with ponzu sauce)

Sushi: (1 piece ea)

NEW Katsuo/Bonito

NEW Ika Shiokara (Spicy Pickled Squid)

Snow Crab with Caviar

Scallop & Ikura (mixed with ground daikon radish & cucumber)

Blue Shrimp similar to Amaebi, from New Caledonia

Salmon Shoyuzuke (marinated in soy sauce)


NEW June Roll
(Cod roe, Shiso leaf, Cucumber inside and Jalapeno Masago on top)

Tofu Pocket Roll (Tofu pocket, Japanese omelet, Unagi, avocado inside)

Black Dragon Roll (Asparagus tempura, cream cheese, spicy sauce inside & eel on top)

Green Coral Roll (Asparagus tempura, cream cheese inside, crab & mayo, wasabi tobikko on top)

Salmon Asparagus Crunch Roll
(Asparagus tempura, salmon & tobikko inside, coated with tempura crumbs)

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