Superior Colorado Snow, Ice and Smoke

fire-and-rescue.jpgThe town of Superior Colorado has some rules about snow and ice removal. Just like many other cities in our area, homeowners are responsible for shoveling sidewalks to keep them clear of snow and ice. It’s not just a polite thing to do for your neighbors, it’s a safety issue.

The town requires homeowners to remove snow from their sidewalks within 24 hours. The main reason is to provide safe and easy access to your property by emergency personnel.

In many cases, there are sidewalks all over the community that never get shoveled. Vacant homes are one culprit of course, but there are those folks that simply don’t know that it’s a rule or that prefer to let nature take its course.

That’s fine if you don’t happen to be the one that needs to use the sidewalk. How about we take care of our neighbors and we all look out for each other? Isn’t that the polite thing to do anyway?

Another tip from the firehouse: it’s time for many Superior, CO residents to consider replacing¬† their smoke detectors. The reliability of smoke detectors starts to diminish after about ten years. When considering a new smoke detector, it’s recommended that a dual sensing type of detector i.e. Ionization and photoelectric.

Ionization detectors are inexpensive and provide basic protection, but recent testing has shown that ionization detectors are not as sensitive to smoky fires. Photoelectric has been shown to be better, but the dual types cost a bit more. Most homes in Superior have the BRK brand smoke detector and installation of the new detectors is easier if you stay with the same brand.

BRK detectors are available at CES Electircal Supply in Boulder. Ask for a model #3002. It will have the plug in back to hard wire the detector to your home.

For more info contact Rocky Mountain Fire through their website.


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