Superior Colorado Boy Scouts Recycle Christmas Trees

Local Superior Colorado Boy Scout troop provides a service each year to local Superior, CO residents to help them dispose of their Christmas Trees and turn the trees into compost.

Superior real estate should see a turn as we enter the new year and locals find solutions to the post holiday decorating.

While many Superior, CO residents certainly have SUV’s a-plenty to haul those trees to the recycle facility, many still stick them out for the trash. What a waste!

Why not let the local Boy Scouts make sure your tree gets recycled and help them raise funds at the same time?

For only a $6.00 donation, the Scouts will pick up your tree right from your yard and take it to the recycle center for you!

All you need to do is call 303-543-9457 or visit their website at to leave your address for pick up.

You need to either call or enroll on the website by Friday January 4th 2008.

Do it today and forget about the hassle and help the scouts with a fund-raiser!


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