Superior, CO Spring Clean-Up

Superior, CO will provide a ‘spring clean-up’ service again this year. You can get rid of some of those hard to handle items with Superior’s curbside spring clean-up this coming Thursday.

You’ll want to make sure that you have everything you want picked up ready by 7:00 a.m. Thursday May 22nd.

This cleanup does NOT include hazardous waste, so hopefully you already took your household hazardous waste to the Superior Household Hazardous Waste Event earlier this month.

You can put out things such as furniture, mattresses and other large items that you probably can’t easily get rid of unless you have a big truck. Yeah, lot’s of us have SUV’s but they’re either filled with kids gear or seats or we’d just have to struggle with piling what we want to get rid of on top. And anyway, if you haul something to the dump, you’ll have to pay the landfill to drop it off plus the $15 or $20 in gas to drive down there.

Other things you can set out are appliances (both those that contain Freon or not).

What you can’t set out on this collection day:

  • hazardous materials (yes, I already mentioned that)
  • yard waste
  • construction materials
  • demolition materials ( I think they mean walls and stuff you tore down, not material to make demolition happen, but you probably figured that out)
  • charitable items

You can call Superior Town Hall for more info or if you have questions about the Spring Clean-Up event at: 303-499-3675.

Here’s who you can call for charitable pick ups (usable items):

Salvation Army: 303-294-0827

Disabled Vets: 303-288-8287

ARC: 303-238-5263

Sister Carmen: 303-665-4342

Lupus Foundation: 303-333-2300

You can call any of the above charitable organizations to see what they will pick up, what you need to do to arrange for pick up and they should also be able to tell you what they do with your pickups.

I don’t necessarily recommend or endorse any of these charitable organizations but they are known for providing the pickup service which is what you’re probably looking for.


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