Storage Tek / Sun Campus Sold To ConocoPhillips

Finally we learn that the former Storage Tek / Sun Microsystems campus was sold to ConocoPhillips.

The cool part of this deal is that the Houston-based oil and gas company is planning a research center on the 432 acre site. With a focus on hydrogen fuel cells, solar and wind power and clean diesel fuel made from renewable resources, this is a great fit for the mentality in our community.

Most of the numerous buildings on the existing campus will be razed and the new campus is expected to be guilt over the coming three to four years. With a completion date looking like somewhere around 2012, this should bring many changes to the local Superior, Louisville economy. The influence in the real estate market will be felt in the Lafayette and Broomfield communities as well.

Some of the factors that influenced the ConocoPhillips decision to come here include proximity to major universities as well as the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden. Easy access to DIA via the Northwest Parkway also played a role in it and to a lesser extent, the No. 3 ranking that Money Magazine gave Louisville.

The move will strengthen Colorado’s efforts to advance clean and renewable-energy technologies according to recent articles in local papers.

I think that considering how well the local real estate market has been hanging in there anyway, we should see some major upswings in the real estate market in the towns surrounding the ConocoPhillips campus. Appreciation rates have been good anyway but when we see that ConocoPhillips’ training center bringing in thousands of employees annually in addition to the permanent employees, local retail businesses and hotels will see a potentially huge increase in revenue.


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  1. Mark Cathcart on May 27th, 2016 7:59 am

    I’m new to the area, but a veteran of the tech industry, I wondered what had happened to the site, is it still owned by Phillips 66 ?

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