Solar Gardens in Xcel Territory

Solar energy continues to be a hot topic. You want to “go solar” but your roof is shaded? Or your roof doesn’t face south? Endless vents, pipes, chimneys, and other roof obstructions?

Inadequate roof structure? Complicated roof lines? Aesthetic concerns? Restrictive home owner’s association?

The fix is simple. Join a Solar Garden. This is another great way to integrate solar energy into your lifestyle.

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Based on some information I recently received from the folks at Simple Solar, a Solar Garden is a single large solar system shared by multiple subscribers. Recent legislation opened the door for Solar Gardens in Xcel territory. And interest is extremely high.

So, before you know it, Solar Gardens will be popping up in your community on commercial roof tops, at schools, in fields, on HOA land… But there is a cap on the number of Solar Gardens that can be implemented. So gather your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers to join a Solar Garden to your community. And hurry!
Contact Simple Solar for more information or to add your name to the growing list of subscribers for Simple Solar’s planned Solar Gardens. And get ready to “go solar” easily and afford-ably without even glancing at your roof.

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