Solar Energy Systems Funded By Low Interest Loans

Have you been thinking about adding a solar energy solution to reduce your electricity bill?

After attending one of my community workshops, you may be better informed about how to proceed with those plans. Doing things like sealing air leaks and improving insulation is the first step, but then the question remains… how do you fund the new photo voltaic solar system you want for your home? I may have the answer, due to a discussion I had recently with Steve Bauhs, Sales and Marketing Director for Simple Solar in Boulder.

Steve and I were talking about my plans to see if my home is a good candidate for a photo voltaic solar system. I originally went to see Steve to ask him to have Simple Solar come to one of the next community workshops I’m producing. Steve agreed it was a good idea, since so many people are interested in getting good information on solar electric systems.

What I also learned is that there is a way to potentially fund the purchase and installation of a custom designed solar system on our house with low interest loans. Apparently the payment on the low-interest loan would be potentially offset by not having to pay for electricity on my monthly energy bill.

Here’s how that can work. Boulder County voters will soon decide on ballot issue 1A, an initiative that would provide low-interest loans on energy improvement projects including solar energy systems.

The real beneficiaries of all of these programs are individual families and small business owners.  “It is a winning situation for everyone involved.  Even better, when people and the planet profit at the same time, it approaches the realm of an absolute good,” says Bauhs.

To learn more about solar solutions, you can attend my upcoming workshop on alternative energy and solar solutions. Simple Solar will host and present the mini-seminar sometime in the next quarter. You can also do some of your own research by visiting the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA) website.  For a comprehensive database of renewable energy incentives, check this website.

The main point is that Bauhs, and the people at Simple Solar, tell me that Ballot Issue 1A is something worth supporting.  It would allow Boulder County to issue bonds, and to use the funds to make low interest loans for energy projects such as efficiency measures and solar installations.  It has the potential to bring clean, affordable energy to everyone in Boulder County, and hopefully other counties will soon follow suit.

If you’re considering solar, plan on coming to my community workshop with Simple Solar to get some honest answers to your important questions. Or, call them today at 303-541-9852.

Thinking about moving soon? Give me a call or an email and let’s discuss what your current needs are regarding your move. I’d consider it a privilege to help you get some straight answers about real estate.

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor and EcoBroker


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