Sears In Synch With Home Inspectors Perhaps

Perhaps Sears Holdings Corp should take a lesson from Jeff Lyons from A-Pro Home Inspection, the home inspector I recommend to all of my clients.

In a recent settlement of a class-action lawsuit over a propensity to tip, Sears will fix almost 3.9 million kitchen ranges.

Every time I have an inspection done for a buyer or a pre-inspection for a seller, one of the seemingly ‘smaller’ items that comes up is a missing anti-tip bracket.

What’s an “anti-tip bracket” you say?

Almost everyone, buyers and sellers, seem to be befuddled at first when they get a home inspection and see that there’s a missing bracket. Especially sellers when they see their home’s pre-inspection report. No one seems to know what it is or why it should be there.

Apparently Jeff knows, and now Sears is clearly aware.

Sears is going to install safety brackets on its stoves in millions of households as part of the settlement due to the stove’s propensity to tip. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Sears product necessarily, it’s likely a problem with any stove if you leave the oven door open and slide out that shelf with a pan full of roast or turkey… physics takes over and leverages that bad boy right over on it’s face and now dinner’s on the floor. Or worse, you get an armful of 400 degree plus broiled dinner.

This particular settlement covers Sears ranges sold since mid-2000 and also requires Sears to install safety brackets in newly purshased ranges for the next three years. While Sears apparently disputes ‘many aspects of the case’ can anyone really say that such a minimal bit of work which prevents some rather disastrous problem isn’t worth the time or money.

Jeff apparently thinks it’s a good idea and I’ll roll with him on that one.


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