Richmond American Land Deal In Superior

A potentially lively Superior Town Board meeting on Monday night anticipated many more than the usual turnout of citizens. This was due to some public misconceptions and consequential opinions about how two parcels of land will be potentially used in Rock Creek.

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In Superior, residents are very fortunate to have an active and caring Board of Trustees. These dedicated people truly work very hard to focus on what serves the community and the people’s interest.

It’s hard to please everyone, and sometimes the Trustees take a lot of heat for the difficult decisions they sometimes have to make.

On this recent issue of two parcels owned by Richmond Homes, the builder who tackled most of the home construction in Rock Creek, there’s some passionate people looking closely at the progress the Town of Superior is making on these ‘land deals’.

From some of the emails I’ve seen on a group list, many residents formulate opinion and even some emotional attachment to directions the town may take, sometimes based on misinformation. With a little bit of research, some of our citizens might see more clearly how the Trustees are making choices that give Superior residents the highest and best use of the land for the most people in the community.

In this case, since the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) didn’t choose to build separate schools up near Torrey’s Peak and Indiana, there’s an 11 acre parcel of land that they don’t need.

Richmond owns the land that was originally slated for a middle school, and also owns the 15 acres on the NE corner of McCaslin and Coalton Rd. BVSD has elected not to exercise it’s option to build on the 11 acres in the southern part of Rock Creek.

In a very intelligent arrangement, the Town Board passed a resolution where the Town of Superior gets the 15 acres at Coalton and McCaslin, BVSD is out of the picture, and Richmond will build homes on the 11 acres near Eldorado K-8.

The really smart part of this is that the Town still has the right to approve or deny the plans from Richmond for that 11 acres. This assures that the product we get from the builder will compliment the current homes and lifestyle in the neighborhood.

There are some intricacies of this that we can certainly talk about, and I think that everyone in Superior should look at how diligently the Board of Trustees worked on this to make sure that the community gets a great solution.

It’ll take a very short time for the builder to complete the proposed 38 homes on that 11 acre parcel, provided they agree to move quickly and steadily. And ultimately it’ll set some potentially new precedence on quality and prices.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®



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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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