Real Estate Of The Rockies Recruits Epps And Other Top Brokers

While I actually joined Real Estate Of The Rockies several months ago and look forward to the move to Boulder offices, I’m very glad to know that I’ll be in good company.

As David Binkowski continues to build his vision in real estate and expand his empire into the Boulder market, he finds new successes daily. His plans to open his fifth location of Real Estate Of The Rockies in downtown Boulder this fall is progressing steadily. He also appears to be making strides recruiting Realtors from other Boulder real estate offices.

I was talking to John Chamberlain one day last week while we both participated in the BARA-sponsored class on the new rules about Boulder county septic systems. John told me that it was official that he and his wife A.J. Chamberlain were signed up with Real Estate Of The Rockies, and no longer going to be with Remax of Boulder. I’m looking forward to surrounding myself with more like-minded real estate professionals as Binkowski brings in more great people.

John said that he’s been looking for something fresh and he’s excited to be a part of Real Estate Of The Rockies. He also had great things to say about both David Binkowski and his wife Aggie. It seems that straight forward, business-minded people do get along well.

A.J. Chamberlain has already taken steps to move into her own realm and away from Remax. John said that his wife has leased about 800 square feet of space in an upper floor office in the building on the corner of Broadway and Pearl Street. For you old timers, you may remember this as the location of “What’s Up, Food and Booze”. Currently the clothing store “Weekends” is on the street level there.

With this addition to the Real Estate Of The Rockies stable of offices and plans for expansion in two other downtown Boulder locations, one just steps from The Julian Hotel, and the other just a stone’s throw from the old Tom’s Tavern location, Binkowski looks to be establishing a dominant presence in downtown Boulder.

While there is a lot of movement in the Boulder area with real estate brokers changing offices, Binkowski seems to have the ability to attract brokers to his offices while others are seeing an exodus. RER has what most of us want: affordable fees and a very high level of support and service. It’s a top tier brokerage that provides the back-end infrastructure necessary to allow me to bring the kind of delight to my clients that assures continued loyalty and referrals.

I am excited to see that we’ll have new offices in Boulder soon, and that I’ll be able to continue to surround myself with the level of professionalism that I hope all of us strive for in the real estate industry.

Now, the question may come down to which Boulder location I should move into. Ah, to have such a quandry… exciting times to be in the new top tier brokerage in Boulder.


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