Photo Voltaic Good For Boulder Real Estate

You should know that there are some good times coming to an end if you’re thinking about putting photo voltaic panels on your house. While it’s been a good run for owners of Boulder real estate, the times they are a changin’.

The federal tax credit is set to expire at the end of 2008 unless there’s an extension put in place. The state rebate program may also end soon. Right now the state rebates get you about $4.50 per watt according to David Coddington of 3R Roofing, LLC.

With over 20 years in the roofing industry, David is a resource I’ve relied upon many times for clients around our area with roofing and solar needs. David helps many people with basic roofing needs but his focus includes a strong understanding of the environmental impact of his work.

You might want to know that his business still promotes Photo Voltaic solutions and he works extensively with PV specialists. One thing he told me recently is that this notion that people can sell power back to the grid is kind of misunderstood. He says that Xcel will buy power back but only at wholesale prices. Turns out that it doesn’t really pay to generate more electricity that you need for yourself as an individual consumer.

With the rebates and tax credits set to expire soon, this might be the right summer to take the step and get the photo voltaic work you’ve been thinking about done. After subsidies are gone, the return on investment may take a little longer to realize.

David’s new thing is his pursuit of a recycled asphalt shingle initiative for Colorado. It’s a process that involves processing asphalt shingles salvaged from old roofing for use in hot mix asphalt for roads.


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