Peloton Boulder New Resident Update

You recently read about Mark and Anna Holland who were one of the earliest buyers at The Peloton in Boulder. You saw a little bit about Anna’s artwork and got a glimpse of how excited they are about their move.

The Holland’s finally closed a couple weeks ago and I checked in with them about how they like their new home at The Peloton. They were gracious enough to provide a couple of photos of their new home at their south-west facing penthouse, and here’s what they had to say:

Well, we’ve moved into The Peloton and we’re having a blast. On a Wednesday afternoon, we were the first condo to close, and we went up to our deck, surveyed our surroundings, had a bottle of champagne, and whispered “we’re the only ones here.”

Of course, that didn’t last long as condos continued closing that entire week and beyond. Urban living seems to suit us well. The Community Center is everything the developer promised – we work out in the morning in a gorgeous facility, hot tub on the roof with friends at night, and then watch “Lost” in the 22-seat private theater.

We’ve met most of the folks in our building already, and it seems like a nice crowd. We’ve had the usual “new move-in” issues, but they fix things almost immediately. After two weeks, this is definitely HOME. We’re still unpacking boxes, but we hope to move Anna’s studio here within a month or two.

If anyone has questions about The Peloton, they are more than welcome to call us at 303-494-0184.

I have some buyer clients due to close in about 45 days, and they’re really excited. From what I’ve been hearing from people moving into The Peloton, they’re really happy to be moving there and the builders are delivering on all of their promises for a great new community.


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