Mad Greens Provides Meal To Boulder Real Estate Agent

photo_090607_002.jpgFor the third time I’ve now had a great healthy and quick lunch at Mad Greens in Boulder.

While this isn’t the typical place for a Boulder real estate agent to ‘entertain’ clients, it’s turned out to be a nice break and a great alternative to the fast food options.

photo_090607_004.jpgChris Stongle, designer and drummer of extraordinary proportions, met me for lunch there recently to discuss some business and do some general catching up. Chris is doing his design thing with a cool outfit call JCJack. When he’s not designing he’s drumming for a hot local band called Chris Daniels and the Kings. I just wonder how he keeps it up so long pumping out all this creativity.chris_10.jpg

Okay so I digressed slightly. The cool thing about Mad Greens in my book is that it puts a needed spin on the traditional ‘salad bar’ since they don’t do it the old fashioned self-serve way. Lot’s of creative concoctions are pre specified or you can create your own combo. They do it right in front of you to your order and it’s super fast. Even at straight up noon we cruised right through.

photo_090607_003.jpgSince it’s at 29th Street in Boulder there’s easy parking underneath if you swoop through the outside lot and miss a space. Now you have another reason to hit the new 29th Street in Boulder.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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