Lucile’s Still A Cajun Favorite In Boulder

It might seem strange that a great Cajun style restaurant would be found in Boulder, CO. Well, Lucile’s has been a formidable entity in the Boulder breakfast and lunch scene with its New Orleans emphasis for many years.

I had the opportunity to visit again after many months since my last meal at Lucille’s, and I think it’s still just as great as it ever was. I can tell you that I’ve always been underwhelmed by the ambiance and decor. It’s the same sort of run down and worn out feeling that it’s had since the very early 1980’s when I first visited.

I even heard someone joke that the napkins haven’t been replaced since the place was first opened by Fletcher Richards and his mother Lucile. While the building’s a little funky, it adds to the charm and most of the food they offer is award winning fare.

On my recent outing for Sunday brunch I had the Eggs Jennifer. A nice blend of English muffin, spinach, tomato, avocado, poached eggs, with a side of grits. I think the portions were perfect and even though the grits were a little on the gooey side (which reminds me of my Alabama-raised grandmother’s grits) and my English muffin was almost hockey-puck hard, I still loved the Sunday brunch that ¬†used to be a regular event when I lived in downtown Boulder, and within walking distance to Lucile’s.

As much as it might sound like some of the food was sub-par, I really enjoyed my meal and so did everyone with me that day. There were raves at the table about the Eggs Pontchartrain and I relished my Chicory Coffee.

We arrived early, which means before 9am, and there was already a wait to be seated. Lucile’s continues to be a local favorite and I’m sure the same is true for the other locations in Longmont, Fort Collins and Steamboat Springs. I’ve never been to the newer additions in Steamboat and the Fort but the Longmont facility is nice because it has a great patio and it has a little more room. Unlike Boulder, you’re not bumping elbows with your neighbors while dining.

It’s in the little house on the east side of 14th, specifically at 2124 14th Street, just north of Spruce. Keep in mind to get there early. If the weather’s bad, you can go upstairs to hang out in one of the two rooms of the old house. There are about a dozen seats in the ‘waiting’ area and that’s where the bathroom is if you need one while you’re waiting.

On days with nicer weather, we’ve always enjoyed walking around the area neighborhood while waiting to be seated. It’s a beautiful part of town if you head north a block but remember to watch the time, so when they call your name, you’ll get a seat when it’s your turn. If they shout your name out the front door and you’re not there, you may be out of luck and lose your table. They don’t use pagers, buzzers or anything high tech at this local favorite.


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  1. Nora Ziel on June 6th, 2008 3:16 pm

    You totally blew it by not ordering beignets! They’re the best.

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