Low Flow Toilets In Green Real Estate

One of the topics that sometimes gets overlooked when talking about green real estate, or green building, is water conservation.

You’ve most likely heard about flow restrictive shower heads. You may not know that most modern dishwashers don’t require you to pre-rinse your dishes before loading anymore. But, did you know that low flow toilets have changed considerably since the early 1990’s?The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program is making it easy for consumers to identify high-efficiency toilets in the marketplace. It requires rigorous, third-party testing to meet the criteria for efficiency and performance to earn the EPA’s WaterSense label. Look for this label and don’t let these myths keep you from saving water and money!

Fact vs Fiction:

Fiction: All low-flow toilets need miltiple flushes and often clog.

Fact: WaterSense labeled toilets meet strict criteria for water efficiency AND flushing performance.

Fiction: Lower flows lead to problems with home plumbing systems.

Fact: WaterSense labeled toilets meet or exceed national plumbing performance standards.

Fiction: WaterSense labeled toilets cost more than other toilets.

Fact: With cost savings on water bills and potential rebate options, WaterSense labeled toilets can be cheaper than other, less efficient models.


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