Louisville Valley Bank And Trust

I had a great meeting recently with the branch president of Valley Bank & Trust in Louisville, Casey Wisenhunt. We met because I have some clients who are interested in establishing a relationship with a locally owned bank.

My initial impression at this meeting is that this could be a great fit for my clients.

If you have questions about building great business relationships, especially those related to real estate transactions, please call or email me right away so we can talk more about getting you answers.

I think Valley Bank and Trust will be a great fit for some of my clients because having a strong relationship with a local lending institution such as Valley Bank gives them more flexibility than they might otherwise have with one of the larger national or global banks.

Casey also told me that there are other advantages to working with local banks like Valley. I’ve set up a meeting with one of my investor clients, and next week I’ll get to make introductions and see if there’s a fit.

You might wonder why I spend my time doing this sort of thing, but to me, helping people build their network of professional relationships has always been a key ingredient in my business model for my real estate practice. I enjoy putting people together who can help each other, and it works in reverse for me… since the majority of my business comes from personal relationships and referrals.

I got to know Casey through a roommate from school years ago. His family owns the bank, and when I approached him with the idea of helping my clients, he put me together with one of his best people.

I hope you’ll call or email me with your thoughts and questions if you’re thinking about moving, or know someone that may be contemplating a move and need some help with their real estate transaction. I’m here to help.

-Zachary Epps, full-time, professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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